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A workout mat designed for increasing athletic performance. I designed a layout specifically catered to IG. I also filmed, lit, edited, and drew out all the content. 

There's a lot of content that I made, so make sure to check it out here!


Home of the 2019 World Strongest Man.

Wreck it Gym is a community as well as an entertaining web series into the lives of Strongman Champion Martins Licis and his friends. 

I designed and animated their website.

Turning Cole into Diamonds

Designed and animated logo for podcast personality Gerard Cole. Check him out!

Also did an alternative logo design for an episodic series of Settlers of Catan which he hosted. 

Andrew James

Life coaching. Works with his students to provide guidance and success.  

Mark Thomas

Artist and Magician. Designed a set of 52 cards that have practical applications for magic tricks. 


Designed a variety of logos for different departments for the University of Massachusetts. 

La Marcha

La Marcha is a Spanish restaurant located in Berkeley. They bring a part of the Mediterranean culture to San Francisco through their Paellas, tortillas and other exotic dishes. 

Check out their website at


La Marcha's sister company, Ñora is a Spanish food catering business. They deliver the same rich foods found in La Marcha all across the bay area. 

Cimple Cafe

Cimple is a small coffee shop with a beautifully simple esthetic design located near the corner of La Cienega & 3rd street. Their coffees have an exotic taste and their lunch menu is extravagant with a blend of cultures from all over the world. The people working there were very friendly and I had a great time working for them.


Check out their website at



Unfortunately Cimple has closed down


Cliir is an "all natural" online store. They have a wide range of products that include diapers, pet food, cleaning supplies and organic foods. Cliir's goal is to sell products that are both healthy for the environment as well as the consumer. At an affordable price, and with their easy to navigate website, Cliir is a must for any healthy, pro-organic enthusiasts.


Check out their website at

Francisco Fagundes

One of the few Portuguese Professors at the University of Massachusettes

Built and designed a website to showcase his CV and accomplishments. 

Check it out at:

Leather & Lace

Leather & Lace, is a private bag and leather products retail store. 

All the of the items are hand crafted by the very talented Joe Maurice Reboh. 


Check out his website at:

Lee Williams

Lee Williams is an independent young director and editor with a very promising future ahead of him. We're in the process of starting a new company with the aim of directing and editing videos for amateur filmmakers.


Check out some of his shorts at

Barbara Zecchi


Barbara Zecchi is the head of the Spanish and Portuguese department at the University of Massachusetts. She was my first client and to this day I still make designs for her.


You can see some designs I made for her and some of my earliest work at


*All the logos and banners along with the layout were designed by me.*

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